This website was started in January 2008. The domain name "" was carefully selected. Unlike a lot of domain names, anyone seeing the name "" immediately understands that the name stands for a bank that cares about its customers. Ask anyone, young children to seniors - they all understand what "" stands for. There is no confusion.

A bank using the domain name "" immediately identifies and establishes good will with new and current customers. It treats all of its customers with dignity and respect. "" is self explanatory and something all bank customers wish their bank exhibited!

When potential customers or current customers try to remember a bank name, and the website for that bank, from an ad they have heard on radio, television, seen in print, on the web, or in any kind of media, they often cannot recall the bank's name. Let me think "What was that bank I just heard about on the radio? All these banks names just seem to run together." That reaction is avoided by use of the domain name ""

One purpose of this website is to partner with and/or sell "" to a bank that we are comfortable will meet all the requirements of ""

"" can be a standalone website that features the bank or redirects to the bank website. Either way the domain "" indicates that this is a bank that truly cares about and provides excellent products and services to its customers.

It is very easy to remember and recall "" "" gives a favorable mind recall image that is extremely hard to duplicate. "" is a name you hear, remember, recall, and more importantly, if you are satisfied, tell others about. The people you tell also easily remember the domain name "" so they can tell others. Marketing and advertising expenses are avoided that word of mouth "" replaces.

The owner/administrator of this website is a consumer lawyer who is former Chairman of the Consumer Law Committee of the Federal Bar Association. He has seen many bad banks. With the bad reputation banks have, consumers need a bank they can trust. That is the purpose of this website.

The owner/administrator of this website is in the process of writing a book entitled "" that exposes bad banks and shows what a "" looks like. Watch for the coming publication date.
In the meantime please consider reading the following: